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Above & Beyond Landscaping is the GTA’s premier leader in complete landscaping solutions. What began as a simple thought quickly turned into a vivid reality.

For over 10 years, Above & Beyond has become an innovative alternative to those who expect more out of their property. Exceptional attention to the details, which many of our competitors overlook; is what we strive to deliver our customers every day. Although we have grown since our first year of operation, the vision hasn’t changed. Our customer means everything to us. Quality and care are essential aspects which will never be sacrificed. So take that next step and be assured that when you entrust Above & Beyond with your landscaping needs, the service will be delivered in the most professional manner that you expect and deserve.

5 Things to Look for in your Landscaping Contractor

With so many choices available, choosing the right contractor can sometimes leave you feeling overwhelmed. Should you choose not to go with Above & Beyond Landscaping, we would still like to ensure you hire the right contractor for your job. Below you will find five important characteristics your landscaping contractor should possess.

First Impression

Image is everything. When your landscape contractor arrives for the first time your gut feelings are hardly ever wrong, this is why first impressions are so important. Uniformed staff, identifiable company vehicles, and a presentable image say more about the company than many of us realize. A contractor who displays minimal pride in their image, is more than likely going to display that same pride in the work they do for you.

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Is the contractor knowledgeable about the work you want done? Usually, a brief conversation is all it takes to determine the level of experience an individual has. Ask questions like, how, why, and what. An excellent contractor should leave you with clarity rather than confusion. It is important to be informed about what your job requires to avoid other contractors from cutting corners, thus providing you with a cheaper price.


Talk is cheap. Any contractor can make claims of amazing work performed on past jobs. This is a huge red flag to look out for. A true professional would rather show you their work first hand as opposed to just talking about it. Can the contractor provide you with a ton of photos from similar work completed in the past? Or, did they just start last week and have very little or no photos to show you at all? Any contractor who has done exceptional work, should be more than eager to show it off.


A contractor’s equipment is a reflection of the work they perform. New equipment is reliable and performs more efficiently than that which is old and poorly maintained. If the equipment being used on the customer’s job site is substandard, chances are the integrity of the work is going to be less than desirable. A business which makes money yet fails to reinvest in their equipment, speaks volumes on the pride they take in the workmanship that’s being carried out. Simply put: poor equipment = poor workmanship.


Quality work shouldn’t have to cost a fortune. In the landscaping industry, there is no shortage of contractors willing to take on your job. Therefore, it is essential to hire a contractor who can diversify your options and accommodate your budget. Be cautious before handing over any money. A contractor who is confident in their work and has available resources will never request a deposit before starting the job.

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